Taminmin College Careers aims to equip students to make decisions during and post school which assist them with fulfilling careers.

The Careers Office is located in Block 7. Students are welcome to drop in, browse hardcopy or online resources and to seek advice.  Appointments can also be made by students and parents with the Careers Advisor.  Please see contact details below

Services provided by Taminmin Careers include:

  • assisting students to research information around careers, jobs and further study
  • providing subject selection advice
  • coordinating work experience
  • assisting with resumes and job applications
  • arranging school visits by universities and other guest speakers
  • organising careers-related excursions, including the Darwin Careers Expo and Try-a-Trade
  • Assisting with Tax File Number (TFN) applications
  • coordinating correspondence study through NT Open Education Centre (NTOEC) and Open Access College, SA.

Taminmin Careers does not make decisions for students, recommend careers, write resumes or find employment for students.

Tax File Number

Taminmin Careers coordinates Tax File Number (TFN) applications for Taminmin students.  A tax file number is a unique nine-digit number issued to individuals and organisations to help administer tax and other Australian Government systems. The Australian Tax Office has changed the process for students applying for a Tax File Number (TFN). The new process involves students completing an online application form and then visiting an Australia Post Office outlet to have their identity verified. To apply for a TFN students need to visit this site,

After they have completed this form students will need to print their application summary and take this together with proof of identity documents to an Australia Post outlet. This must be done within 30 days of completing the online form. Information on the type of Proof of Identity documents that can be used can be found here.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has produced the Beyond School study guide  - the Guide is a digital resource for year 10-12 students providing information about Australian Government assistance so they are able to make informed choices about their future studies.

Taminmin College Career Advisor: 

Kay Buckland                                           
Phone: (08) 8983 7139                                            
Location: Block 7


University Applications

Applications for undergraduate university courses in Australia are to be done via the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC).  The only exception to this is Tasmania, where you can apply directly to the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and some private institutions.  Please be aware that each states' online application service is slightly different and that fees will not be the same for each state.  There are instructions with each service, please read them carefully.

Territary Admissions Centres:

General Advice:

  • Read the instructions on the website thoroughly before starting your application
  • Have your SACE number handy and a oen and oaoer for recording registration numbers and passwords
  • Do your research before you apply and make sure you have a list of courses you wish to apply for.
  • Check the pre-requisites before you apply to ensure that you meet the requirements for entry into the course. 
  • Check for other entry requirements such as UMAT, audition, pre-selection kit  and/or interview.


Quite a number of Medicine and Dentistry courses use UMAT as part of the selection process for undergraduates.  Please visit the ACER website to register for the test (only if you are currently in Year 12).  The website also gives examples of the test as well as a list of institutions currently using UMAT to choose applicants.UMAT@ACER


There are many scholarships available and students need to be proactive about researching and applying for scholarships. Scholarship information that is received by our faculty is disseminated via email and placed on our facebook page. Scholarships vary and can be awarded for many things, including geographical position and relocation, hardship, gender, sporting or community achievements, accommodation and high marks. Scholarships are not awarded automatically; students need to apply to receive them. Some organisations that award scholarships include: 

  • The Commonwealth
  • State/Territory governments
  • Universities
  • Private sector or businesses
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Non government organisations
  • Residential accommodation providers

The My Future website is a good place to start looking Myfuture Scholarships and Awards.

Tachnical and Further Education (TAFE)

(TAFE also known as VET)

TAFE courses are Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. They, generally, don't require an Australia Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) for entry or stipulate any pre-requisite subjects. TAFE courses can provide a pathway for students into University should they not meet the requirements in Year 12. For more information about TAFE opportunities see the relevant state/territory site: