Student wellbeing and support is a key pillar of Taminmin’s programs. Taminmin’s wellbeing team provide ongoing support to students and their families. The Flexible Learning Centre is the wellbeing hub providing referrals and academic support to students. Carmel LeLay is the Student Services Coordinator.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker (A.I.E.W.)

The AIEW works with teachers, students and parents to improve indigenous students’ attitudes towards study, attendance and further education. The AIEW also encourages parent participation in all school activities.


The chaplaincy service is for students, staff and families to just ‘have a chat’, to share a concern or to ‘tap’ into helpful resources. Pastoral care, specific wellbeing and character building programs, questions of life all fall within our services for students. Specific engagement with students on a ‘one to one’ and small group basis requires parent permission. Feedback regarding the program can be sent to the Principal. The Permission for Student to Participate in Chaplaincy Program at Taminmin College form can be downloaded here. Please return the form to Student Reception. The program is funded through the federally funded NSCSWP (National Schools Chaplaincy Student Welfare Program) program and is voluntary. Students may opt out of the program at any time, and can discuss this further with the Principal.


School counselors, through mutually respectful partnerships, improve, maintain and promote emotional, social, physical, and mental wellbeing and support whole school approaches that encourage and enhance life long learning. Any member of the school community is welcome to contact the School Counselor with concerns by phoning 89837000.

Youth worker

The Youth Worker role is to support and advocate on behalf of young people facing welfare, behavioural, developmental, social and protection issues. The Youth Worker may work with young people on an individual or group basis, offering practical and emotional support and helping them to develop skills to make positive changes in their lives.

Health Promoting School Nurse

Health Promoting School Nurses (HPSN) are employed by the Department of Health. They are a group of nurses placed within the urban government schools of the Northern Territory who have adopted the Health Promoting Schools philosophy. The Health Promoting School Nurse’s primary role is health promotion, health education and ongoing care and management related to health, medical and personal concerns of students. The NT immunisation program is provided through the HPSN team.Taminmin’s wellbeing and support for students incorporates a proaactive coordinated approach to student wellbeing.

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