Senior School Uniform ShirtMiddle School Uniform Shirt

All students are required to wear the school uniform in a neat and tidy manner.

Uniform shirts and pants are available for purchase at the School. The shirts are made of a cool light fabric. Sample uniforms are displayed in administration.

The uniform consists of:

  • Uniform shirt
  • Uniform shorts, or long pants (black only)
  • Sports type shoes (fully closed in and covered) and socks
  • Sports uniform shirt & black shorts for sport/PE classes & sports days

Students who have classes outside, such as PE or Agriculture, are required to wear a hat and sunscreen.

Students are unable to participate in electives, science, art and PE subjects without fully enclosed shoes. Students who do not comply with this code may have their parents contacted to either collect them from the school or deliver appropriate uniform.

Students must be in full school uniform to attend school related activities including excursions.