In the interests of providing the best possible educational opportunities for your children, we encourage parents to participate in our resource scheme. This will enable us to provide more opportunities and resources for students’ education to supplement the base level school funding. The scheme is designed to save parents the cost of expensive text books and enable students to have the latest digital and online resources.

Taminmin Resource Scheme includes:

  • Textbook and resource hire
  • Book pack
  • ID card
  • Printing credit of $10
  • Printed learning material

Conditions of the Resource Scheme:

  • All books and resources remain the property of the school
  • Books and resources must be cared for appropriately
  • Books or resources lost, damaged or defaced must be paid for in full
  • The book and resource hire is for the school year, and these must be returned at the end of the school year, or when the student leaves the school if prior to  the end of the year

The school reserves the right to remove students from further participation in the scheme where there is non-compliance with the conditions of the scheme.

Resource Scheme Form