Year 7 students 2019

The smooth transition from primary to secondary school is of prime importance. The Taminmin program is ongoing and involves;

Feeder School Visits

Staff will visit feeder schools during term 1 and in term 3 enrolment packs will be distributed to year 6 students.

Orientation Visit

Students will visit Taminmin for an orientation day in Term 3, Tuesday 18th September or Thursday 20th September.  Students will have permisison slips to return to the feeder school in their enrolment packs.
At the Orientation visit students will be organised into classes for the day. 
Students are requested to come in full uniform including appropriate footwear and bring along a water bottle, books, pens ect for class work.

Orientation Day brochure

Permission Form

High Achiever Leading Learner Programs

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