Year 7's do us proud!

Year 7 assembly was another dazzling event. Special thanks to 7LL and Pat Fleming for being the first class to host assembly. The students were well rehearsed and the student hosts spoke confidently.

Daniel Townsend and Year 7 Music Elective Group 2 wowed the assembly with a wonderful performance. The item was polished, tuneful and impressive with the number of students playing instruments and prepared to stand up front and sing. It is hard to believe the elective class has only been working together for four weeks. Daniel you are a super teacher.

Penny and Kelly from the Wellbeing team organised the 100 % Attendance award.  The lucky recipients were drawn from an amazing 85 students with 100% attendance. This is an important issue to our school as our funding and staffing is directly related to students coming every day.

Most of all thank-you to the PC staff attending who reminded our students about the REACH values; the students were very well behaved and respectful.