Japan Excursion


What a life changing experience for 13 students and 2 teachers travelling to Kamitonda Japan to visit Kamitonda Junior High School for the 18th year. Taminmin College has built an amazing relationship with Kamitonda J.H.S which has been offering students the opportunity to live, eat and learn in a foreign country for both Taminmin College students and students from Kamitonda J.H.S.  Students had the privilege of staying with host families being immersed in the Japanese lifestyle.

After spending time at the J.H.S we travelled around Kamitonda and the surrounding areas taking in as much of the beautiful scenery, traditional shrines, temples, trails and castles as we could.

Here is a list of some of our adventures and activities whilst being abroad:

  • The World heritage Kumano Koda trail and The Bamboo Road in Kyoto
  • Martial Arts – Kendo and Judo
  • Zazen meditation
  • Japanese Calligraphy
  • Adventure World
  • Round1
  • Local Primary school visits
  • Visit to the local plum factory
  • World famous Gold Buddhist Temple in Kyoto
  • Shirahama beach and smugglers caves
  • Wakayama castle

All 13 students showed incredible maturity and really took advantage of their new surroundings reinforcing their cultural awareness. We had the opportunity to meet a number of people including the town mayor and the board of education. We would like to thank the amazing, friendly and welcoming people of Kamitonda for your hospitality and genuine friendliness.



*Taminmin will be hosting 16 students from Kamitonda in August and we would love to show how friendly we’re here in Darwin. If you would like to host a family or help out in any way please contact Sue Maclean at Taminmin College for further information on 0418897097.

*Any current year 7 & 8 students interested in travelling to Japan next year please Sue in the bookroom.