Congratulations to the Taminmin students who participated in the Freds Pass Show. We congratulate all students for their achievements. We received many comments about the professional way our student interacted with the public.
Pictured for enews are our winning Rural Achiever students. In the junior category winners were;

1st - Morten Helion
2nd -  Elizabeth Corbett
3rd - a draw between Lane Tisdell and Malcolm Whalan

The senior category winners were;

1st - Shannon Angel,
2nd - Chloe French
3rd - Ben Shenton.


Taminmin’s livestock also won many prizes in the Cattle, Goat and Horse categories. Our students won substantial prizes for their handling of cattle and goats and judging of cattle.
Taminmin students also ran the gates for the show to raise funds for the Year 12 formal and the WorldChallenge expedition to Africa at the end of the year. Their hard work and people skills were noted by many.


Please see show results below:


Female 18-24 Months Female 2 Years + Champion Female Male 2 years + Champion Male Junior Handler Junior Judging Senior Judging
1st Taminmin Kaitlyn 2nd Taminmin Juliet Taminmin Kaitlyn 1st Kenrol Complex Kenrol Complex 1st Shannon Angel  1st Tanya Martin  1st Ben Shenton
2nd Taminmin Kloe         2nd Ashlea Bail  2nd Izzy Corbett  2nd Chloe French
          3rd Chloe French  3rd Jessica Rodger, Gorgia Bradford,
Izzy Corbett, Zoe Colman
 3rd Shannon Angel


Best Presented Stock Horse Mare Reserve Champion Stock Horse Stock Horse Gelding Thoroughbred Mare Any other Breed
3rd Danisha Blewit 2nd Vanilla Ice (Shiloh Dacey) Vanilla Ice (Shiloh Dacey) 1st Tenner (Ellie Storer) 1st Big Grey (Kirra Reynolds) Equal 3rd Honey (Katie)
  3rd Bunda Speed (Shardae Clancy)     2nd Bella (Meg Clohsey) Equal 3rd Yindy (rescue pony)