Science Awards

We had some students partake in the CSIRO CREST awards program. CREativity in Science and Technology (CREST) is a non-competitive awards program supporting students to design and carry out their own open-ended science investigation or technology project.

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved their Bronze CREST awards from CSIRO for creativity and perseverance in scientific investigation already this year:

Kalysha Burger Samara Carroll (2 awards) Natasha Clayton  Joel Darlow Amber Halliday Claire Hensby Ayla Kalman Tayla Larsson Nikola Minshull  Cody Power 
Jordan Przibilla Chelsea Russell  Kiah Ryder  Luke Smith  Zoe Smith  Chutinun Srimongkon  Nhut Tran  Shane Venes  Brody Wing  Jaide Cain 
Megan Phillips Brittany Baker  Tom Banner  Lily Barnes  Jayden Binks  Georgia Campbell  Chelsea Cregan Cassie Crow  Ariana De Fransz  Kimberley Doukas 
Jeremy Dowling  Lucy Drayton  Brock Dunn  Eleanor Edward  Nathan Fisher Mitchell Gullefer  Brooke Harris  Shannon Manouge  Jarrah Mercer  Lilian Osborne 
Holly Penrice-Amey  Jackson Smith  Russell Thoma  Shanae Waldren-Taylor  Michala Watson-Collins  Nicole Brown  Cody Darlow  Erin Luchetti  Brooke Paterson  Kobi Russell 

These awards represent approximately 10 hours of individual work, planning, carrying out and writing up an investigation of their own design.

Scientists in Schools Partnership

We are lucky enough to have a stable partnership with Dr Stefan Maier who comes in to work with some science students each year. This year Stefan will be mentoring one of our year 9 students Tom Banner. Tom will be working with Stefan to collect and analyse data on temperature and water vapour in the atmosphere which will then be compared to satellite data Stefan collects. Tom will be working on real scientific research as part of our leading learner program and if it goes well we would like to expand and include the rest of the year 9 leading learner class. Tom’s write up of his data will become a Silver CREST Award submission.