Leading Learners visit Council Chambers

Year 7LL attended a geography field trip with a twist last Tuesday.

As part of their Liveability task students visited the Litchfield Council offices to find out how local government works and what is happening in the Litchfield municipality.

Students were shown how the council operates with the Government and were given practical demonstrations of how zoning for Rural Residential works.

After a lively discussion the students were treated to a presentation showing the structure of the council and the areas of responsibility council manages.  

Students were amazed to hear how much is spent per annum on rubbish removal and the 700+ kilometres of road Council must maintain and mow and the staggering cost to the community of replacing road signs that are knocked over.

We were also treated to a presentation showing the history of the area including amazing old photos of Southport.

Students left a good understanding of the powers and responsibilities of their local council and went to explore urban development at Coolalinga and dine at a well-known burger outlet. 

We would like to express our thanks to Ben Danier and Diane Chellingworth for taking the time out of their busy schedules to present to 7LL and Toni Cameron for her terrific work in assembling the presentation.