The Leading Learner Program at Taminmin College supports, extends and challenges our academically gifted students to develop the practices and skills for successful life choices and careers. The Leading Learner Program provides a focussed learning environment where students are encouraged to develop skills in higher order thinking and problem solving in order to acquire the critical literacies needed to reach their academic potential.

The Aspire Program at Taminmin College supports, extends and challenges students who have a commitment to learning which is demonstrated by the effort and attention they pay to their studies. Students are not required to be high academic achievers to be members of this program. These students will have sound literacy and numeracy skills. These students may also be involved in the school community through sports, music, arts or be student representatives. Students in this class will have a history of satisfactory classroom behaviour.

The pursuit of academic excellence is balanced by coaching for reflective practise, self monitored goal setting and the exploration of personal learning styles within a cooperative learning structure to develop active citizens and confident leaders. The programs operate in the core subject areas from years 7 through to 10.


  • To develop student’s higher order thinking skills
  • To develop academic and social resilience
  • To promote a learning culture which values high academic outcomes
  • To develop independent learning skills
  • To prepare students to reach their potential at year 12 exit
  • To provide pathways to university
  • To develop support networks that will last them through tertiary studies and in to their professional careers


Entry into the programs is by teacher recommendation, an online numeracy and literacy placement test and the written application; individual interviews are at the discretion of the manager of the Leading Learner and Aspire program.

Testing is carried out in second semester for year 6 going into year 7. Students may also be identified and tested throughout the year.

Membership in the programs can change throughout the year if a student cannot meet the academic or behavioural expectations of the program. This maintenance of standards is an important component of sustaining the integrity of the programs.

Parents will be contacted if there are concerns about academic performance of behaviour and all teachers welcome parent communications and queries.


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Contact Toni Smid Leading Learner and Aspire Coordinator - email: toni.smid1@ntschools.net